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Talking terroir: Taste the wine microbes!

Related eBooks

Talking terroir: Taste the wine microbes!
While it's hard to control all the variables such as grape ripeness and winemaking, the resulting differences are often ascribed to the terroir, or growing microclimate. It's such a powerful yet nebulous concept that the French institutional structure …
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Most wines don't improve with age
Achieving higher levels of concentration depends on a great many factors, including the grape variety, vineyard management and wine-making techniques. Certain varieties have thicker skins (more phenolics), or higher acidity or sugar levels than others.
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Off the Beaten Track: GranMonte Vineyard and Winery in Khao Yai, Thailand
A winery in the tropics? Seriously? But I was also intrigued. After some research I found out that CNN has reported about wine travels in Thailand, there are tour operators offering wine tours there, and Jancis Robinson wrote about Thai winemaking as …
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